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Event Schedule

Friday August 2nd

8:00 AM                Registration Opens                          Park Entrance

7:00 PM                 Camp Meal                                       Blaine Gym

Saturday, August 3rd


8:00 AM              Registration Opens                      Park Entrance 

8:30                     Officers Call                                  East Shelter

 9:00                    Park Opens to Public                   Kronshage Park

                            ACWSA                                         Sportsmans Club

9:30                     Parade Line up                            Parking Lot by Main St

                             GAR Hall opens                           GAR Hall

10:00                   Parade to Depot                           Main Street/WI Ave

10:30                   Lincoln's Speech                           Boscobel Depot 

11:00                   Artillery Drills                               Kronshage Park

                            Cordelia Harvey - A Stitch in Time

                            (Rod Dary)                                      Kronshage Park 

                           Children's Games                           Kronshage Park

                            (Troop 76)                                        East Shelter  

                            Reenactment Activity                   Timberlane Coffee

11:30                    Infantry Drills                               Kronshage Park

                            Lincoln Finds his General            Event Tent

12:15                   Mary Wade - Connie Hansen      Event Tent

1:00                     Civil War Battle                          Battle Field                             WWII Demonstation                  Battle Field                                                               

                            Lincoln gives Gettysburg Address on  Battle Field      

1:30                     Long Bow starts                             East Ball Diamond

1:45                      Medical Scenarios                         Medical Tent

2:00                     Cemetery Walk                             Gate 7

                             Gold Star Family Presentations  GAR Hall

2:30                     Ladies Tea                                       West Shelter

3:00                     Reenactment activity                   Old 61 Diner

4:00                     Ladies Tea ends 

                            Women of the Home Front WWII   Event Tent                                           GAR Hall Closes                                GAR Hall           

                            Fashion Show - A Timeline of Style   Event Tent  

5:00                    End of Long Bow

                            Children's Activities Close

                            Camp Closes to the public                                  

6:00                     Pie and Ice Cream Social              Depot

8:00                     End of Pie and Ice Cream Social

                             Military/Civilian Dance                   


12:00                    End of Military /Civilian Dance     WI Ave                      




8:30                      Officers Call                                   East Shelter    

9:00                      Church Call                                    Event Tent

                               Park Opens to the Public             Kronshage Park

                              Bow Shoot                                      East Ball Diamond

9:30                      GAR Hall opens                              GAR Hall        

10:00                   Children's Activities Begin


                              Infantry & Cavalry Drills              Kronshage Park

11:00                     Artillery Drills                                Kronshage Park

11:30                     WWII Women of the Home Front  Event Tent

12:00                    Rise of a General (Grant)               Event Tent

1:00                      End of Bow Shoot                                                

1:30                      Civil War Battle                              Kronshage Park

2:00                      Medical Scenarios                          Medical Tent

4:00                       GAR Hall closes                              GAR Hall

 4:30                          Children's Activities Close   

                              Camp Closes 

Activities can and may change

Please contact us with any

questions or concerns.


The Reliving Our Heritage Committee




Sunday, August 5th


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